Bullets, Blood, Emotions

August 8, 2012
By Wolf246 GOLD, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Wolf246 GOLD, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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The destruction of life
A lesson learned in strife
No chance of resurrection
So choose carefully,
You will start an infection.
Death and fear in all
They treat us like dolls
Fire in their hearts spread
Now its controlling their heads

Metal burning, lead flying
Life forces dying
Time to recall the sins,
No side wins.
One may dance around the fire,
Chanting, screaming to the heavens.
Ignorant, for his loss was dire

Red liquid, the devil's refreshment,
Spills and leaves its precious home
Hot metal, piercing the dome
The devil's minor enchantment

Spirits wonder, homeless
No chance of happiness
Rescued, by lights in dark clouds
They have surely been found

No reason, no clue
Just being a fool
Following a flamboyant mind
Will not give the dime.
Keep fire in the heart,
Not the mind
And you will surely shine

Keep self in check,
Or you will infect.
Anger does not equal thought
Violence will be sought
Keep the attitude in play
Or stay in Hell for a day.

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