The Chill

August 8, 2012
A shallow breathe,
Breathing in,
Breathing out.
Down my neck...
I shiver...
Become helpless.
Just because of you.
The gasp,
Gasping for air...
The insecurities start.
You always were watching over my shoulder.
Untrusting, unwilling to learn.
I second guess...
Loose all the confidence I once had.
Lose all the Strength the power.
I'm left;
You are the rain that ruins my sunny days.
You are the shark that attacks me.
You are a monster.
You are so mean,
You turn a Good mood down,
A bad one, awful.

How am I strong if I cry...
I get so frustrated I scream...
That does not make me weak.
I am just as strong as ever.
Even Stronger.
I have created a wall.
A wall you can never get through!
It is solid while you are just a puddle of misery.
I want to see you dry up.
Go away with this sunny day.
While my wall stands shading me away.
Are you curious?
I bet you are!
Because your clueless and will never gain much by far.
Your best talent of all.
You are fake.
You pretend.
It is almost like playing dress up,
Only you dress up as a whole other person.
You lie
You cheat
You steal
What kind of life are you trying to teach me to lead?
Im suppose to follow your example...
I guess I could really never count on you, not at all....

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Indiewriter This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 14, 2012 at 1:07 am
I really like this!! It flows really nice, so I guess the only thing i would say to fix is the ending of the first verse. Thats the only part that doesn't flow that well. But the rest of it, amazing! i loved reading it(: (I haven't read any other poem on teenink that has this idea)
Ga-GahKayMarie replied...
Aug. 18, 2012 at 3:21 pm
Thanks :) I appreciate that, and yea it may not flow as most poems do in some places or maybe how some people think it should be puncuated it wont be but that is simply how if I was reading it in my crazy dramatic loud voice is how I would read it so I just write what I say. I take my ideas out of my own life, in my opinion the best time to write is when you are feeling that emotion you cannot simply write about an emotion without feeling it. :) 
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