Flames and Something More

August 8, 2012
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Every time you wake up
A little candle is lit, inside of you

Things in the day
Calm it, keep it under control
Stop it from burning you
Let it just warm and protect you
From cold words others may say

The best things make it glow brighter
It makes happiness radiate off of you
Nothing can bring you down
Everything is perfect

Other things aggravate it
Making it grow
Lash out in every direction
Attacking everything in its path
Filling you with uncontrollable rage

Then there are the things
That slowly wear it out
Like turning on a faucet above it
But have it only dripping
Slowly suffocating the flame
Making you slowly withdraw from life

The worst things can completely
blow it out
Leaving a feeling of emptiness
Inside of you
So alone that no one can talk sense into you

No matter what it may be at
The light is still under your control
In case you haven't figured it out
The candle is your soul

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