How I say Goodbye...

August 8, 2012
By AlyMae134 BRONZE, San Clemente, California
AlyMae134 BRONZE, San Clemente, California
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That love will always last
That love will never fade
So much we have been through
Things that have made us who we are today
We created life
We created love
Only to be thrown down to the ground
And for our hopes to be ripped away
I will never understand
How we stayed so strong
Together with our broken hearts
Our secrets made us one
The tears still come
And the gates still open
We look up in the sky
Wondering why
How we say goodbye
Goodbye to our little girl
How we lost her we will never understand
Falling to my knees
I know I should let go
Try to be free
But I look deep inside
And the pain is still fresh
Just like we lost her today
We are still so young
It just wasn’t the time
But we still love her
Even though it’s time to say
Looking through pictures of what was
What will be again someday
You hold me close to your chest
And our tears combine
All this pain we feel
But we know now
We have to say goodbye.

The author's comments:
This something means a lot to my heart, it's about me and my boyfriend and what happened to us...I would like constructive criticism if you feel any in necessary and no derogatory comments please.

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