August 8, 2012
Lost within the persona
of myths, I am
Lost within the persona of
myths; will I give in?
My heart is
bleeding clots of myths;
like magma,
they harden,
throughout my being
before my seeing.
And whispering in my ear,
no, in my soul—
for my soul has left my ear—
are winds
that tell me
my fate.
I am unlovable!
A creature of myths
unheard of
undying, yet—
I’m trying—
can’t you hear me
closing off? The silence
is louder than
one thousand crashing blows
that hammer my guts
and shake my core,
although those
are weaker
than most who are
than I;
I wish to die,
but the ice in
my bones is
keeping me close
to my fears,
to this life’s wretched
of agony—
let me fly away
from here.

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