August 2, 2012
December 21
Gray skies,windy atmosphere, and wet cement
Feet scurrying like mice
Unlike mine...
Dragging along like a dead man

Glad it's pouring
No one can tell or laugh at me
"Not my eyes, just the rain..."
A deaf fool could tell I was lying
Bobby doesn't know where I am,
but I know where he is
I look up
searching for a glimpse of heaven
Rain pours harder,
Piercing every part of my body.
I deserved the pain, not Bobby

I reach a fence
black like medieval lace
Sharp as the sword of a samurai
Memories...Bad memories
flash in my head like a scratched dvd
Bobby's house,a party we threw
I guess you could say it was for him
Although, it was just part of "The Plan"

Bobby was a nerd,
a geek,
trying to fit in to a jocks world
He didn't make football tryouts
or even soccer tryouts
So we called him a loser
Told him he always will be a loser
So in revenge,
he told Coach Warner that
he caught us drinking under the bleachers...

My friends were angry bulls
they thought of a plan the next day
I, a sudden bystander, just nodded along
and by the end of that day,
the angry bulls put on the mask of a friendly cub
So, they threw him a party
To celebrate his place on the football team...

Teens dance away,
the scent of fun and alcohol
I drown in a wave
trying to reach out and warn
I wanted them to change their minds
I felt like screaming
but music overcame my words...

Gavin, in white, gets in Bobby's face
while I was told to lie,
to cover up a painful story
Gavin and Bobby disappears to a place unseen...
I notice one comeback
The plan I knew...was twisted
His tousled white shirt was now a scarlet red
His friendly cub mask, vanished
My heart, a speeding cheetah
My mind trying to deny the unspoken truth...

The rest was a blur..
Gavin ran, I, betrayed
Blue, Red, and White lights
Silver Clasps
Caged, accused...

Now I sit above Bobby
Looking at the big
Porcelain boulder
My rough hands gliding along
The last touch,
I'm sorry Bobby...
You're not a loser anymore...

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