Why is Love so Confusing?

August 8, 2012
I don't want you near me, but my hands cant push you away.
My mind has rehearsed this a million times,but my lips don't know how to move when your around.
I love your voice ,but cant stand the sound.
I Want to say I love you,but that would be profound.
How can i love you?We never get along you think your always right i think you are always wrong.
but when you take my hand that all fades away problems of the difference of black to white turn to gray and those sparkling blue eyes.....no we are not meant for each other.You are wrong.This is wrong.....His arms around me now .Why does this feel so wrong yet so right?I Can't explain anything but it is all answered when he kisses me.GOODnight.I Love You!!Do you really have to go?Yay!!!You said no. Wrap me in your arms one more time

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