Try to Change Me

August 8, 2012
By momo17 SILVER, Burien, Washington
momo17 SILVER, Burien, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
“I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” Kurt Cobain <3

Don’t you dare try to change me
If I’m not what you want
Stop with your hypocritical rants
And don’t call me out
For all the things that you’ve done
Stop acting like such a victim
And thinking that I think it’s all about me
I bet those crocodile tears help so much
Because then you make yourself the only one
But I guess I’m the only one who can really see

All those words I never said
All these empty days that bring me dread
It doesn’t matter anymore leave it out
Part of me just wants to hold my tongue
But someone has to call out all the bull s*** you’ve done

So don’t get so offended every time I open my mouth
It’s all you fault on how this turned out
Just find another way to screw me over
What does it matter in the end?
Cut me out, see what I care
Have a f***ing blast
That shallow smile sure won’t last
And when it all comes crashing down
Nothing but hearts and happiness I’ll send

It’s better that these words be left unsaid
Holding back tears
I don’t even know why
Nothing’s feeling quite right
Thanks for making me feel like a total douche
For putting it all on me, when It’s all on you
When you push me to the middle, because I’m so easy to blame
But there’s no reason to be hate me, I didn’t do anything
I’m so done carrying you, you have to learn to fly yourself
I’ve been so caught up in keeping you up
That I’ve lost hold of myself

I’m just so done with you ganging up on me with nothing to say
When I’m told every second of every day that I’m wrong
When my voice isn't heard
I'm so tired of all of this s***
I just want to be gone

Why can't you just see my side, something about this just isn't right
Don’t you remember when you were like me?
What happened to you?
Where have you gone?
I’m sort of through
You’ve obviously lost your-self, now go let yourself be found
I’m done with it all
So in the meantime don’t expect me to stick around

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