Pause your cries

August 8, 2012
By Anonymous

Hair blowing in the wind.

Sun beaming on my skin.

No clouds are above me.

Birds singing on a tree.

It’s beautiful and simple.

Like cheeks with a dimple.

Everything is right.

Not a bad thing in sight.

I spoke too soon.

Here comes the moon.

I wave goodbye to the sun.

For my nightmares have just begun.

But I am not asleep.

My thoughts are just deep.

They suffocate me.

I can’t help but scream.

Like a plastic bag over you head.

You always end up dead.

My breath is running out.

Soon I’ll be stuck in this drought.

But I am not alone.

A chill up my bone.

A tear drop falling,

turns into bawling.

A close of the eyes,

causes more cries.

I am not alone you see.

My thoughts barricade me,

from my dreams.

And so it seems;

I’m awake for the sunrise.

So I pause my cries.

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