Reflecting the Spirit of the Age

August 7, 2012
“Manufacturing their personality façade”…
Can you see the truth in that statement?
How much is dependent on those four words?
How such a small sentence gives so much light to everyday lives?
Without that carefully manufactured disguise, they would be vulnerable-
“Vulnerable: open to assault; capable of being wounded or hurt”.
The conveyor belt for the pieces of that façade is faltering,
The intent behind the façade was sincere- was genuinely believed to be the best thing,
But now the motives are unsure.
The feelings are conflicted-
“coming into collision; contradicting”.
Their personality façade was meant to “reflect the spirit of the age”,
follow along with what “everyone else is doing”:
Painting themselves to blend in with their surroundings,
fitting in with the influence of their glorified peers.
The fact that That is what this age will be known for is overpowering.
Knowing that this falsehood, and despising looks and thoughts, and the casual disrespecting statements are all we’ll be known for…
With that knowledge comes the breath-stopping bitterness.
And with that bitterness comes the fear-
Fear that sooner rather than later this fighting to be different will only leave us strained-
“exerted to the utmost; stretched beyond the limit”.
Tentatively this ‘individual’ will be just another plastic copy fresh off the press.
But why should it matter?
Manufacturing this personality façade is totally the norm.
How bad could it be?
After all:
EVERYBODY is doing it…

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