Empty Promises

August 7, 2012
By NightCloud SILVER, Barrie, Other
NightCloud SILVER, Barrie, Other
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My friends are my life. My life is not as important as it seems. But as long as I have my friends; My life is everything.

The other day I went through
Our old messages one by one and two by two
I caught myself smiling every now and then
And reminded me that all things come to an end
I came to a message
It sure did look promising that's what I thought before I noticed it was entitled "Promises"
I read through the message
The empty promises you gave
And now I look back
And I know I am crazy
Because crazy is as crazy does
And making the same mistake twice
Is more crazy then understood

The author's comments:
I realized the other day all the empty promises people made me. And as crazy states in the dictionary,

cra·zy? ?[krey-zee] Show IPA adjective, cra·zi·er, cra·zi·est, noun, plural cra·zies.
senseless; impractical; totally unsound: a crazy scheme.
I was impractical to believe I would get a happy ending

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