August 8, 2012
By taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
taxidriver-logan PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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‎"I am going to be okay." - AlmostTen

i don't know where the words have gone? 
or where they will go

they passed through my brain? 
but stopped at my mouth

they were they game changers? 
now they are just another memory gone to waste

i wish i could've said what i need that night with you, the one thing i knew would make you stay? 
i wish i could've stood up for myself, but day after day it seemed like i couldn't change a thing? 
i wish, i could be different?   
i wish for change

these words are spoken, so now they are true? 
i wish ? 
i beg?   
i plead?   
for change?   
 the words have passed, the moments gone, the past is just that

i am not afraid of my words? 
i will no longer stand in fear of my voice?
i cannot live with this anymore regret 
i am done?   
and this time, i will be heard

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