Over thinking.

August 7, 2012
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I have walked through many brutal storms,
walked beneath the lightning.
I have thrown and torn the paper when i have given up on writing.
I have danced in the rain and watched each cloud turn to gray,
Ive been stressed,cluttered and frustrated,
broken and piled in dissaray.
Ive walked on top of shattered glass and been
scattered in my dreams.
Focused on my mind
when my heart was torn at the seams.
I have stood on solid ground
for sentimental things.
I have challenged hardened people,
prepaired for what they bring.
I have broken many promises.
Put a disguise over the truth.
Tried to prove an opinion ,
even when i dont have proof.
Ive been angered and destroyed by shadows of the past,
i tend to hold on to things that never seem to last.
I have seen a different person when i look into my mind.
i have given up on people,
even left the good behind.
I have loved and wandered slowly with my heart tightened shut.
i have trusted him with it all when my life seems but corrupt.
And when im stranded in my thoughts,
and my body becomes numb,
i can feel some hope surround me
even when i dont know exactly where its coming from.
I become so frustrated with everything around me.
and sometimes i get so angry with the person i can be.
I crumple all my poetry when it's truely not that bad.
I seclude myself from everyone,
when i dont really wish i had.
i regret alot of things.
I hold on to broken dreams.
i cry over what is sad when it isnt as bad as it really seems.
I've painted many pictures that never turn out how i wanted it too look.
I've started many stories,
yet stopped in the middle of the book.
I tend to over think.
And i refuse to think too small.
In fact, sometimes i go crazy if i dont end up thinking at all.
I've realized that i must move on.
I've chosen to let go.
When life moves too quickly,
i've decided to walk slow.

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Black_Rose_Princess said...
Aug. 9, 2012 at 12:40 am
Wow! This was amazing. And I found myself nodding along to many things that seemed to describe me as well so I could definitely relate to this. Also, the emotion in this is very strong and pronounced. And there were many interesting and well-written lines. Yet, there were a few things that stuck out. 1. There were a few spelling mistakes here and there, but those should be easy to find and fix. 2. In the first two lines, you use two different prepositions (through and beneath) so the simil... (more »)
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