The Gateway

August 7, 2012
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This is the gateway,
the one and only place that you can confront them,but you cannot stay.

Drop your worries and wonders in the pit, and you'll have your questions checked and ready to submit.

"I hope you're okay and I was wondering are you proud of me?"
asked the little boy and added
"by the way grandpa I finally planted that apple tree."

Just close the door and claim your own private room. Everything you want to know is confidential, and you'll be answered soon.

"I was thinking about you, and I need to know I'm not doomed
How's heaven or are you burning in hell?" She asked her lover who didn't treat her so well.

"I need to know that you're watching over me, cause lately I haven't been able to regularly sleep. And it seems these demons are crawling through my head
I miss you and I was wondering what it's like to be dead?",
asked her children as they sat there with destroyed ghastly stares.

"I just wanted to know why you committed suicide? I'd take back all the things I ever said just to see you alive," asked the girl who had to watch her brother hang himself and die

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