The Monster

August 1, 2012
By theMOONandStars BRONZE, Somewhere, Other
theMOONandStars BRONZE, Somewhere, Other
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Those words of hate are so strong
Why cant anyone get along?
There are those who judge and lie
Sometimes she wants to say goodbye

She doesn't understand the reason
Its like she committed high treason
These people don't know her
They are not so pure

She has done nothing
But they still keep bruising
She has tried ignoring
but they stop choosing

This is wrong, but they think its right
Why do they have a harsh bite?
What has to be done?
Have they won?

What can she do to make this stop?
Should she call they cops?
How can they be so cunning
If all they are only running?

This pain is almost overwhelming
But she is still trying
Trying to make the best of things
Trying to find her wings

She is slowly moving ahead
Nothing can be unsaid
Hope is in her heart
Her strength is a fine art

Those bullies will see the day
That they are only child play
They were pushed down
But now they are the clowns

They are going nowhere
But she is going everywhere
She knows her dream
All they can do is watch her gleam

This is a story about Anne
and the monster named Bully
The girl of pride
and the feeling of jealousy inside

The author's comments:
This is about the feelings of being bullied.

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