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July 30, 2012
By AnniePotter BRONZE, Cayce, South Carolina
AnniePotter BRONZE, Cayce, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"unfortunately, i think society has these standards for "normal", or what they consider normal, and anything ourtside of that is unacceptable-based on nothing, based on air."
Johnny Depp

Its not important
how the cold bit my skin
how the wind cut my throat
how, for months, it had snowed

its not meaningful when i say
that the trees were too big
that my eyes ran, froze
or that the razor, last night hurt

i don't think
it was the sweetness
or the sickness in my chest
or how i already knew

a crystal morning
table set
hot chocolate
a warm shower
then cold toes...
a running nose

feet planted in the snow
a shiver

a pair of blue eyes
How you said goodbye...

a breath
you're gone.

the bunny
over the dog

The author's comments:
inturprate it how you will. it has two meanings, if only you will look.
a bunny hops around, indecisive, and usually has more than one mate.
a dog, always loyal to its owner no matter if it knows you are bad or not

"did the rabit die" was a phrase that started in the early 20th century,used to ask if one was pregnant.
a dog..a bitch.

interpret it how you will.

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