July 31, 2012
By EmilyMB BRONZE, Asheboro, North Carolina
EmilyMB BRONZE, Asheboro, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"A life without passion is nothing at all"

Sell me the words to speak to the Lord, the man whom I have no faith in, seek my salvation
my friend, I won't meet your eyes, I hold to much to hide
Let's make a compromise- your life for mine

I must have died years ago, it was you who recorded warning
Withhold from me the scriptures, for esoteric prosperity
I have the propensity to hate your love, but for your love I'd die a thousand times
And I've been dead a long, long time

Preach from my words a new song unheard
Lie with my demons and I
We can damn ourselves without our pride
We may live just to die
You speak of euphemism and I speak of my nightly news
Held within epiphanic hymns
My resurrection of jaded delirium
I'm at a loss for words
Dead in the pit where I lay

The author's comments:
This is a very spiritual text describing a loss of faith.

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