July 31, 2012
41 years you have been away..
and one time i saw you when i was a little girl
i hear all the things you did to end up where you are!
and honestly you left my heart with a scar
i want a grandpa,i want to know my grandpa

all these years i never heard one family member from a man call me his "granddaughter" i hear all my friends talk about how their grandparents take them to do things and they ask me about my grandparents and i don't even know what to say........ no-one understands me on the fact that i want to know and have a life with my grandpa all of us as a family
i grew a bond with you through mail but all those letters helped me to see that you really do love me!
i know no-one trust you but if they don't want to know you then it don't matter your my grandpa i have blood with you no matter if i didn't grow up with you at all till the day i die
my soul will fly because i knew my

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