July 31, 2012
By musicmissy SILVER, Orlando, Florida
musicmissy SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Knock knock who's there we are" by Daniel Beaty

I say "I'm ugly"
You say "You're beautiful"
I say "she's perfect and you should be with her"
You say "I could never love her the way i love you"
They say "we could"
I'm not skinny but not fat
She should be a model
I'm flat in all the wrong places
My grades are never consistent
She gets straight A's
And he wants me
Not her
Grumpy,insecure,rude and ugly
Not model-like genius
They want her
Cause she's perfect
Not me
They like her
She likes him
He likes me
I like him
But want impress them
Why does he like last place
You're pretty
She's prettier
You're smart
She's smarter
You're funny
She's probably funnier
Hahahahahaha HA
You're clever,nice,inspiring,loving and crazy
And just flat out perfect
You did not just say that
And I love you
Cause to me you're the definition of perfect
How cheesy of you
Let's face it girls love the cheesy ones
So why did pick me and not her
Cause to him I'm perfect
Funny, huh
Cause to me he's perfect

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