July 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Running from it,
Tripping on my own thoughts,
Fear drips down like my tears,
Scared to make a move,
Who knew words could hurt
Like a bullet,
Who knew the shadows
Could capture me,
I can’t keep running,
It’s gone too long,
He has no idea
Just what he can do,
I can no longer escape,
Music’s lost its magic,
Art’s lost its beauty,
Running’s lost its rush,
Life has lost its touch,
I’m falling,
No ground beneath
My weak feet,
The sky is no longer
Above my head,
I can’t even find
Dreams in my own bed,
Nothing left to be said,
Nothing left to be,
But do I have the
Strength to let it all go
To say my last goodbye
To stop running from the shadows?

The author's comments:
I just got out of a painful relationship, but even though i was out of it, the memories and his presence still haunted me. I found myself trying to escape something that had been gone for weeks.

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