July 30, 2012
By DesDes1 GOLD, Twin Falls, Idaho
DesDes1 GOLD, Twin Falls, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
I live by many but here's a few...
"To wish to be someone else is to waste the person that you are."
"Everything is ok in the end, if it's not ok it's not the end."

When I open my mind to my dreams
They tell me such terrible things
Dream on sweet dreamer you won't succeed
Such satisfactions I will receive
When I show you the success in my dreams

When I write your 'No's" into my story
You'll regret everything you told me
I'll shy away from your sorry
Those aren't for me
I've got nothing left for proving

Tell me your heartfelt apology
I'll throw it back with your blasphemy
You're dirt beneath my feet
The inspiration to write til I bleed

Thank you for the attempt
But you receive no credit
You only gave me the drive
And the energy to continue to thrive
I'll continue to write my life
Live these dreams of mine
I bid you goodbye

You're nothing more than a coward
Trying to knock me out of my tower
But you only knock yourself lower
Trying to put on a show

I see passed your deceit
This is you're defeat
I dare you to challenge me

Allow me to put you to rest
Take it as a warning, nothing less
Don't mistake it as kindness
I've made myself the best
I'm honored and blessed

You won't forget me
I'll end THE legacy

The author's comments:
I'm going to be an author when I'm older and no one will tell me otherwise. It's my dream and I will achieve it.

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