Creature of the night

July 30, 2012
By eevee5 BRONZE, Clarenville, Other
eevee5 BRONZE, Clarenville, Other
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Creature of the night           
Where did you start               
Were you a mistake                                                  
A broken piece of a heart           

I watch how you loathe              
That old patio light                      
With your ancient dusty wings
You sad, depressing sight

They just don't understand
True beauty is within
So shake of the dust
And hold up your chin

So why do you remain
Looking at the light
Do you envy your brothers
Who sleep at night

You're  beautiful too 
So please  just recall
You don't need bright colors
To stand true and tall

Creature of the night
So misunderstood
Living amongst their shadows
Beneath nights eerie hood

The author's comments:
Take from this a lesson of equality, of putting yourself in anothers shoes, and the comprehension that every story, every experience and every lesson has two sides, although one may be grim, it is of equal purpose

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