July 30, 2012
what do I think?
I think they're all just
tin can justifications that you
made up so you could sit beside me
and stare adoringly into my eyes and
not feel
guilty about it. or wonder about it. or
freak-out because I didn't fit into
your category of this perfectly
screwed up world 
but I'm not quite sure how I didn't. or
why I didn't. and I suppose it's not as
if you're going to
tell me, but still I
get tired of your
tin can justifications because
I don't have time for knights in
tin can armor because I've gotta go
save a kingdom, buy a castle
and I just keep thinking of your
tin can justifications and I hope
I don't mess up anyone else’s life
if they tell me tin can justifications 
(because of something I did or
something I said) and I
can't quite put my finger on what it is
about me you found so
wonderfully wonderful but I
hope I figure it out soon so I
don't have to keep listening to these
tin can justifications and wonder if 
everything anyone has ever said to
me is just a
tin can justification. 

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