No more

July 22, 2012
By , Metuchen, NJ
She lived inside misfortune,
Her house was colored grey.
Beauty masked by lack of love,
She was chained inside the fray.

One day her freedom came,
Knocking on her door.
A new chapter, a new life,
Her troubles were no more

Then she married the one she loved.
So certain this was the relief she needed.
But she really needed to find herself,
Not someone she was forced to be.

Years later she became a beloved mother.
Her children became her concern,
But her dreams were overcome by uncertainty,
Adjusting to her marriage, she had much to learn.

So she found herself, embraced her passion.
She followed her dreams for those she adored.
Supporting herself, her children, her husband,
Her troubles were no more.

But after many years, her marriage began to decay.
Her guard was up, prepared for war.
She left because their differences swallowed their love,
And then her troubles were no more.

New house, new love
Happiness laced the air.
Her independence grew,
The answer to my prayer

Until one day, weakness blanketed her,
She became fearful and unsure.
The men in white said her body was fighting,
Fighting a black sickness to which there is no cure.

Months later a knife scarred her over and over.
Poison liquid scorched her veins.
Her hair grew shorter and shorter,
And the mirror reflected her pain.
The men in white patched her up,
Sewed her together like a quilt.
Her heart shaken, fingers trembling,
Her life needed to be rebuilt.

But now she is done,
with the fear and the terrible pain.
After the battle, her heart shines brighter,
Determined never to be plagued again.

Blessed to see the dawn,
She lives to conquer, motivate, and fly.
Her scars no longer a threat,
But a symbol of her beautiful life.
Now she is vibrant,
A victor of war.
Her fate is boundless,
Her troubles are no more.

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