The Sanctuary

July 22, 2012
There is a place where all is good and at peace.
It is called The Sanctuary.
This is a magical place where nothing is ever injured or killed.
Nothing dies and no one and nothing fights.
Never is there bloodshed or turmoil, poverty or unhappiness.
Never is there evil or hate, and always there is good and love.
Always there is prosperity, kindness, and good-fortune.
This place is calm and gentle.
Never is there to much or to little rain, to much or to little sun, to much or to little wind, to much or to little heat, to much or to little cold.
If only this place was real.
The key to finding this place of peace, happiness, joy, prosperity, and love… Is to look deep into your joys, your pleasures, your confidence, your inner good and superiority, your happiest moments, the best days and moments of your life and your prosperity.
Look deep into yourself.
Do this, and you shall find such this place.
The Sanctuary.
The world’s most wonderful place.
There is one in all of us.
You just have to look and be happy to find it.

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