I Am Not Their Normal

July 22, 2012
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I am not their normal
I do not dress in brand name clothes
Or “normal colors”
I do not always match this decade
I am a little geeky
Okay maybe a lot
I do not wear cloths to the short length
I wear a one piece
Never a bikini
My hair is not ironed strait
Or curled to perfection
I do not look their normal
But I am me
This is my normal

I am not their normal
My voice is not loud enough
Or its too loud
I do not always speak my mind
Or I do too much
I do not find the need for a curse word
Every time I speak
I do not like being noticed
Or I stand way out
Maybe I am a wallflower
Or maybe I can’t even see the wall
I am not their normal
But I am me
This is who I am

I am not their normal
I might not be friends with the whole school
But at least I know my friends
Or maybe I do not really have any
My grades might be over the top
Or barely managing
Maybe I can not sing
Or I just will not try
I do not fit in
Or just barely
I can hold myself up
Or maybe I have sunken too low
I might try it, and be consumed
Or maybe I will never even think about it
I do not dare listen to gossip
Or maybe it’s all I do
I am not their normal
But I am me
At least I am true to myself

I am not their normal
My brain doesn’t work the same way
Or maybe it works to well
My eyes might not see
Or maybe theirs can’t
My ears might not hear so well
Or maybe they do not miss a thing
My mouth might not make noise
Or maybe I can not fully control it
I am not their normal
But I am me
Why would I change for them?

I am not their normal
Maybe I’m different
Or maybe I am too normal
I am me
I am not them
But who are they
Only pretenders
No one is fully normal
Because even that is not normal
I will never be anyone’s normal
But my own
And that’s how I ought to be

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