I Know A Place

August 7, 2012
By Dylan.Burkhart SILVER, Evansville, Indiana
Dylan.Burkhart SILVER, Evansville, Indiana
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I know a place you can't see
Where I can be anything I want to be
And that is simply me
I am free

I know a place a free of rage
A place outside of my cage
Where I'm on center stage
And where I write every page

I know a place you could find
With pause instead of fast forward or rewind
A place inside every mind
A place that can't be denied

You want to find your way there
But truth is that it's everywhere
Inside someone's stare
Or in the fresh air

All you must do is really look at nature
Then you should try to nurture
And begin to see everything pure
And quit being so unsure

Life is beautiful
Life is wonderful
Even in your hell
There is still some happiness that will dwell

Once you stop life from being a race
And see true beauty's face
You can leave the evil world without a trace
And live with me in this special place

The author's comments:
This was written about life's beauty, and what understanding it can do for you.

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