A Princess Named Jake

August 7, 2012
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I am Princess Jake
The man of a coveted angelic face
Who has waited so long
Singing a submissive siren's song
And when my secret knight came along/
Who had built my dreams so strong
It was only for the wrong.

Through his eyes, the truth embraced my heart/
And the virtues of destiny
Were revealed unto me
In love's euphoric infinity

The sun set upon our kiss
As Insecurity departed from the night/
Freedom is no unprecedented bliss
That only shines before a holy light/

He is my altruistic, heroic knight
And I, his beloved princess
In mutual affection we share a life
Although common interest detests

If Fabled Fairies could transcend the legend/
Than why not manifest Heaven?

But I have seen it,
The closest I'll ever get
In his arms
So maybe we should all just forget.

The polarized angels shall flee
My rebellious spirit
And express moral wealth
In a world I shan't inherit

They withhold justification
to their belligerence on my dreams
Except that no man dare cross
The established, superficial boundaries/

Judgement falls upon the innocent
As tears defend the meek
Who denied the caress of a majestic hand/
when life appeared too bleak

I am not a demon or of the devil
Or blinded by his sake
All that I know is I'm a princess
A princess named Jake.

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