Heart of Gold

August 6, 2012
By WJBpoetry GOLD, Hawthorne, New Jersey
WJBpoetry GOLD, Hawthorne, New Jersey
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"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than be loved for who I am not." -Kurt Cobain

An infamous war shatters the sun,
It took out hope for all but one,
A young man still standing watched the world fall,
To the screaming of guns; the screaming of all,
A blanket of dismay covers the land,
One so lost in the battle at hand,
As the war cheers on, the young man halts,
He speaks to himself, "this is all of our faults,"
A glistening tear reflects the war he fights,
But one last shot takes the war to new heights,
First falls his gun as he gets on a knee,
Watching a war he wished he couldn't see,
Second, his tags, as he attempts to stand,
He pulls them from his neck with only one hand,
Third goes his ring, the one from his wife,
The mother of his child, the love of his life,
Fourth goes a note from his daughter with love,
Wishing her daddy help from above,
Finally falls his body, now lifeless and cold,
His heart no longer beating but it's still made of gold...

The author's comments:
This world is cruel. The characteristics humans display is ugly and everyone is affected by it.

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