August 6, 2012
By OrangeJuice528 BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
OrangeJuice528 BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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Bright fakeness
Crisp sheets like brand new printer paper
Observed, prodded, examined
Under a microscope
Continental drift as your cerebrum gapes open
The golden dubloons of your memories
Snatched away
Beaten into a malleable material
Devoid of creation
No sensation
Quarantine walls
Whitewashed and bleached to the point where no type of organism could thrive there
Spotless and pristine
Like your mind
Resting on a pedestal
Your sanity
They tarnished the once gleaming metal
Smudged with dirty thumb prints
The elegant etchings illegible
Expectorating unwillingly the cherished lullabies of cherubim and seraphim
Wispy tendrils of Alleluia
Blown away
From their iron turbines
You. Are. Empty.
Void of pure oblivion
No more rustles of wind
No prickling of heat from overreaching rays
The ravenous beast devoured your mind
That’s all you are
The leftovers.

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on Sep. 26 2012 at 3:11 pm
laurensoccer SILVER, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
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This is amazing!!!! The similes and metaphors are so complex and vivid!!!!!!!!!!  This piece makes me think, it gives me a new perspective on life, which honestly is what writing is all about. You are an amazing writer!!!!! PS: please post more of your work on the site because it is some of the best work I have ever read

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