Seeing Me

August 6, 2012

Why am I invisible?
When I yell out
All I hear is an echo
When I listen
I hear silence come back
I look around seeing nothing but strangers
People think of me as a girl
Just a girl
Nothing special about her
Something useless
I’m more than anything
Everyone is here for a reason
We have to find those reasons
I haven’t found any yet
I stand alone
I stand stronger than ever
How many times have I fallen?
Too many
I feel my faith and hope escaping me
I pray to God that I will know,
Know that every thing is ok
It’s too late
This is reality
My future needs to make a path for me to walk on
I lost my way
Who am I?
I look in the mirror
Seeing not me
I see a ghost
Looking me in the eyes
Wanting its humanity to come back
My chances have run out
Time is going by too quickly to get a glimpse
My life
My life is something I need back
I’m alone
Waiting for someone to call my name
To feel the love and relief of the world
I have been swallowed by loss
Where do I turn?
How do I move?
I can’t open my eyes
I haven’t seen anything
The world has gone blind
Seeing anything real
Anything alive
Why can they see everything?
Everything but me
I need you to see me
I’m awake
I’m willing to risk everything
Risking that I will win
I let myself lose
This time I have won
Look through me
Inside me
The outside does not matter
I am the only one who can see?
I can see the minds and hearts of people
The loss and hard days
Hard lifetimes
That they suffer
That will end
It will not stay
Close your eyes
For a second
You let go
And you move on

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