July 26, 2012
By Anonymous


Creep in the bitterness of darkness
Slyly with no sound ...
Walk through my misery,
Roam all over the ground …

Forgive the simple words I use
To tell about a mighty like light
Its beauty in its cruelty
I may come now to abuse …

It’s only us ,
You in the sky and me down here
It’s only us …
Though billions of people talk and gossip
The tranquility we enjoy they try to tear …

But …
Though they are so many
Though they pour on you ,
The sweaty, baby, honey
Listen to me rude but true
Listen to me ….
Not to them nice but fake
Listen as if I am the only one with you !

Pity me
Pity me for the life I live
But give me nothing , but please forgive !!

You may be so far
May be so high
But you look no down at me…
You admire cz I always try
To change what I am,
What we are !

In my room
Your light is the only trace for you …
In my room
Your might , your existence I write
As if for the first time …so new

Me : these walls are my borders
Moon : no borders are really there
-these words are obligatory ; orders
- these words are motives , more than anytime they were…

Me : those smiles are beyond my reach
Those breaths I can no longer breathe
Moon : you talk out of outrage and out of rebelliousness
I talk out of neglect I tasted ,out of carelessness
I talk out of these walls
I talk and yes to do so , I’ve got balls …
I talk from behind my borders
From behind the rules
The discipline by tools
Mute , reality and routine
Set by our society
The society of complications , of fools …
They embed our creation
They obscure my power
They flame the fire,
And the latter never cools …!!

So tell me what fun do I know .
I will do before you…
It’s the fun no one ever knew ,
The fun so meager
Nearly negligible …
The excitement when I am eager
For these damn rules,
Could be decipherable …

No I have not done a crime ,
Nor stole a house nor a mine !!
No I haven’t killed someone
Of matter you feel
But I killed the one that used to push the wheel
I killed the motivation , I killed the elation …
Not by gun , not by knife !!
By silencing and limiting ,
The will to nacked myself of all masks I come to peal …

But they murdered my life
So I murdered myself !!
I never wanted to be the rock
I always wanted to be the fish
Passing by smirking at the moss so still and stuck …

They took away the air
They told me how to smile hiding my teeth !
How to laugh with no sound
And how to live without a need to breathe !!

They set the laws
They said : worship who and where !
They ended up mixing between GOD and my toes
That is between the divine and their laws ; their hoes !!

A manual , they’ve adopted ,
A monotony cherished and never interrupted …
More than you can imagine
Those outrages they do to youth …
More than a mind can take
And a heart bears !!
They covered its faces by white cloth …

More than those stars beside you
More than the endless meters
Are the nights I cried before sleep…
Are the days I dreamed of my new self
And animated its new features !!

Now comes the crucial ,
Comes the big deal .
The reason for blood shot eyes
For hands so numb , with no feel,
For scars and bruzes we got climbing those walls ,
For the always open wounds of no heal …!

But at the bottom comes ,
The cause simpler than you think !
Faster than a blink!
Chains of iron ,
A whirl of wind as it hums …
The tactful arms ,
The love and tender
The beauty and courtesy
The ambitions they hinder
A girl they simply murder
For being a girl with no defender !!

The author's comments:
I am Lebanese , things in the Eastern world haven't change much actually concerning the women write and in my opinion it is like covering all the mess with a fake shiny mask...i was mad at my parents at one night and it just flew down my pen ,old mentalities about traditions and such stuff are still in every head!this is my way for alert..please check it out i will be so thankful!

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