7-14-05 [SOL]

July 15, 2012
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Let’s get out of here

we’ve seen this all before

I like the bare skin and bright lights

the world of sloppy seconds and designer drugs

but I’d rather shoot up with your blood

and feel the love.

I envy your spine

need to be your heat

I want to catch your nerve endings

like snowflakes on my tongue.

You’re not a stranger anymore.

I know you like I know myself but brighter.

I’m a beast and you’re a ballet,

I keep you on your toes.

We could have spent a lifetime stitched in furtive glances

but I only needed days for your tongue to be my favourite flavour,

less time than it took to build the world.

I’m every lie you’ve ever told

but the side of your bed you don’t sleep on

won’t be cold while I’m around.

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