The Beginning

August 3, 2012
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Cold. Autumn evening.
Winter drawing closer with
Every breath the wind takes.
The house on Horsham
Holding the inspiration.
Playing my favorite online game,
In the small green room with the dim
Light and marble-white desktop.

Enjoying the game, I called out,
“This is a great experience!
Why haven’t others heard the news?
I must express my emotions about it
For others to feel, somehow!”
I looked across the desktop
For materials to help me achieve my goal.
My wandering eyes eventually settled
On a nearby book.
“This is it!” I exclaimed.
“If books can spread
Faster than nuclear warfare,
And alert the public about new ideas,
Then surely mine will too!”

So I set to work, creating
Characters, plot, conflict,
Stopping only for human
And few society needs.

But Oh! The outside was
So tempting with it’s
Distractions at every turn!
The decisions weighed down,
But I fought back against
Slacking off to achieve
My goal!
Click, click.
Typing, tapping, to tell a tale.
My fingers like miniature cheetahs,
Racing across the track
That was my keyboard.

Sleeping that night
Produced visions of fame,
Fortune, and inspiration
All because of the dream.
And I knew that one day,
It would, and will, come true.
Even to this day, the dream
Has not shown it’s self yet.

The dream that started
One night, at a
Young boy’s house.
The dream of
Portal of Vaal.

The story is now near done;
The last page close to being turned!
I never gave up,
I never fell short,
I kept going until my hand
Was close to falling off.
I know the story will render
Success, so remember, even
If you’re working and the
theme park comes to you,
Do NOT ride the coaster

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pumpkin said...
Aug. 12, 2012 at 3:39 pm
I know this author and he is so bright and intuitive. I look for more of his poems on this site.
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