Our deepest fears and our only hope.

August 3, 2012
By Isabella140 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
Isabella140 BRONZE, Melbourne, Other
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No amount of love will remain forgiven,
The yelling and screaming rattling on,
The sorrow that pours out of their mouth,
Is only an element of melted love.

In their deepest dreams they wish,
For their thoughts to drown in blood,
For their backs to split in troubling pain,
Their burning halves to grow backstabbing wings,
This is sandwiched up by hell
This isn’t reality though how much they wish for,

Maybe one day they will be lifted,
To the place where no pain is felt,
To the place where they feel love,
Somewhere earth accepts thy evil,

I stand before thee my head confused with thoughts,
He holds a key twisting and turning my faith,
Deciding upon my future with a easy yes or no,
The iron gates behold my present, past and future.

The author's comments:
My friends read it and told me to upload it. I wrote it during school. I just hope people won't read it and like it, but think so much further then that!

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