Angelica Demnon

August 2, 2012
By XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
XflyXaway95 SILVER, Neptune Township, New Jersey
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"I was taught that a successful life was a happy one. When my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I told her I wanted to be happy. She said I didn't understand the question. I said she didn't understand life."

A malicious melody
A song of purity
A beautiful catastrophe of music to one's ears
What grace, what wonder
Could ever exist in this world if any at all?
A mood of bliss
A song so enticing
What beauty; what love
What pure elegance this canticle plays
Not nearly as alluring as the songbird that streams it from her lips
And accurate description of this creature of irresistible pulchritude
Fair lips
Flowing hair
Eyes that pierce your soul
Leaving you bleeding pure love in the form of tears
This creature is so
Beauty beyond comprehension
What alluring melodies her lips spill over us
Like damn those who attempted to court this angel
Damned are they who fall into her trap
Pray for their souls, for prayer is the only thing another can do for them
Demon with and extra letter
This angelic creature is no angel at all
Ulterior motives and evil plans haunt her mind at all times
Destruction and death is what she wants for our kind
Grotesque nails, claws clench the throats of the unknowing
Fangs drip the blood of the pure and innocent
As she sings her song
Her wonderful song
That brings the world to its knees in a hypnotic love
What angelic whispers in a melody so enticing
How could such beauty ever be sung by something so evil; so inwardly hideous?
Damned angel?
Angelic demon?
Angelica Demnon

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