A message to you

August 2, 2012
Wow you have the ugliest smile ever
Be happy
How can you be happy with a face like that
Pretend to be happy ?
That's better
I have friends, see I am likable
You're an extra
I'm an extra
Yep, you're useless
And, no you're not likable
Yes I am
Oh please you're nothing
Where did you hear that
Everywhere, from everyone
No one has said that
They don't have to SAY anything
They're only around when they're lonely
What, why
Because you're
Stupid, ugly
A dork
You just don't fit in
You're alone........again
Get used to it
If I think like this
What do others think
Oh wait they don't think
Just judge
And I'm over it
You don't care about me
So it's clear now
I'm a big self-critic
But you're my biggest critic
My peers
My so-called "friends"
Maybe I'll stay
Maybe I'll leave
You won't notice
Cause when I leave
You'll find another to fill my space
Then I'll find one mend yours
So smile your fake little smile
Laugh your fake little laugh
But I'm for real
And you're more plastic than Barbie
This is a message to you

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