The Real Me by KidInc

August 2, 2012
By KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Why Cant We Fight For Love Instead Of Love To Fight?

Everybody Knows Me
Bt They Only Kno What There Eyes Allow Them To See
The Nike Shirt,Nike Shorts, And The Latest Griffeys On My Feet
Headfones In My Head While Im Bobbin To The Beat
Got My Hair Out Lookin All Crazy
Some Think Its Cute Honestly I Was Jus Feelin Lazy
I Do Not Try To Look Good For U
This Is Jus Somethin I Enjoy To Do
Since The 7th Grade My Life Hasnt Been The Same
From The Way I Dress Even By The Way Ppl Sed My Name
From The Way I Talked My Popularity Nd Fame
I Learned How To Talk To Females Nd Even How To Spit Some Game
Now I Feel Like Im Unleashed Nd That Nobody Can Try To Tame
A Young Man Who Back In The Day Was Known As The Fat Lame
Some Wonder Why I Act The Way I Do
And Honestly Its Becuz The Things I Have Been Thru
I Was Fat And Ugly Nd Didnt Know Wat Do
Got Braided Up Lost Some Weight Females Sayin "Antonio Is That U?"
Changed The Name To Tonio Nd I Swore I Was Koo
Had All The Lil Babies At My Old Middle Skoo
Yes I Am Usin A Little Exaggeration
In Middle Skoo Is Where I Started To Gain Some Motivation
With A Lil Time Nd A Lil Dedication
I Was Able To Talk To A Girl Nd Give Her Gud Conversation
Bt Gettin Into Was My Big Anticipation
I Changed States Then I Thought I Was Pullin Females From The Entire Nation
I Had A Line Of Females And Didnt Know When It Was Goin To End
I Cant Date Some Of Yall Females So I Let Some Of Yall Remain A Friend
Its Hard To Believe It Bt Its True
Like I Sed I Do This For Me I Dnt Do This For U
Some Kno Me As The Nice Guy And The Boy Who Always Stays Glad
Bt Wat Some Mite Not Know Is That Tonio Can Get Real Mad
Those Who Has Seen My True Rage Understand Me
I Am Quick To Snap Especially If U Try To Command Me
I Hate Wen Ppl Have To See That Side
So Sometimes I Say Forget It Nd Let Ish Slide
Bt Sometimes Its Hard Jus To Let The Bih Ride
So There Are Some Rules That I Have That Are Hard To Abide
Im A Quiet Young Man Thats Wat They Say Until They Know Me
Then They Say Tonio Wat Happend To The Old Me
That Was Temporary Simply Becuz U Was A Stranger
I Had To Get To Kno Nd That Gettin To Kno U Wudnt Put My Life In Danger
Now That I Kno U Nd I See That U Koo
I Can Start Actin Goofy Nd Straight Up Act A Fool
Bt I Do That For Me
I Could Careless What U Think Of Me
My Momma Told Me To Never Treat A Girl Wrong
So There Mayb Times Where A Female Likes Me Nd I Jus Happen To Play Along
Dnt Think I Do It Only To Use U
I Jus Would Rather Not Hurt U
After A While U Will The See
That I Dont Do This For U I Do This For Me
There Are Certains Way That U Can See If Its Real
I Can Talk To U All Day Nd Night And It Still May Nt B Ideal
Wen I See U Nd I Hug U Nd Hold U Tight
Nd Wen I Let Go Nd Hug U One More Time Jus Cuz It Feels So Rite
Thats Wen U Kno Its Real
Wen I Tlk To U On The Phone Long Hours Of The Day
U Call Me On The Phone Simply To Jus Say Hey
Then Thats Wen U Know Its Real
If This Aint U That Dnt Mean It Aint Real
Jus Give It Some Time U Might Find Out How I Feel
Some Might Not Understand What I Am Reading
And Im Sorry If I May Have Been Misleading
Like I Said Before This May Be Somethin Too Deep For Ur Eyes To C
This Is The Definition Of Me "The Real Me"

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