My Great Aunt Queen by Kid Inc

August 2, 2012
By KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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At 8 O Clock Was My Everyday Wake Up Call
Now Im Jus Sad That I Cnt Hear Ur Voice At All
The Times U Seen Me From Out Ur Window Shootin Basketball
And The Times I Ran In Ur House Slip ON The Porch And Fall
I Remember Ur Voice Nd Everythin U Sed
Its Like I Blinked One Time Nd Now Im Lookin At U Dead
I Could Take It Seein U IN Ur Death Bed
Y Cudnt He Jus Let u Stay In Ur Queen Size Instead
I Remember The Songs U Sung Nd The Books U Read
Everytime u Bought Me SOmethin U MadeSure It Was Red
Cuz U Knew Exactly Wat I Like U Remember Wen U Bought Me The Lil Red Bike
And I Asked U To Ride Wit Me And All U Wud Say Is Sike
I Remeber Those Times
I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday
The Meals U Cooked The Scriptures U Wud Say
The Times We Sat Nd The Times We Lay
All The Puzzles U Bought Jus So I Cud Play
I Wish I CUd Rewind TIme Or Even Hit Replay
So That One Day Cud B Today
And Then I WOuld Make Sure I WUd COme Visit U Every SIngle Day
I Remember All The Special Times We Shared
And If I Remember Anythin Then I Remember That U Cared
And I Hate To Remember The TImes U Were Sick And Made A N**** Scared
It Was Becuz U Had A Sensitive Nose Nd Certain Smells Made U ill
But That Didnt Stop U From Chillin Wit Ur Nephew Nd Payin Ur Bill
Even If U Wud Sit On Ur Chair And Jus Chill
Damn Now I Think Back On Them Times Nd All My Tears Start To Spill
Then I Knock Myslef By Takin Me A Pain Pill
Gettin Super Heated So Heated That I COuld Kill
Then Wen I Think Bout It I Wonder How My Aunt Would Feel
Man I Miss U So Much Nd Ur Delicious Collard Greens
Man I Miss U So Much I Miss U My Great Aunt Queen

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