My Last Heartbreak By KidInc

August 2, 2012
By KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Why Cant We Fight For Love Instead Of Love To Fight?

I Live In A Life Full Of Deception
A Girl Who I Thought I Love Bt Now I Have A Different Perception
I Couldnt Stand For Your Harsh Rejection
Nd Now You Are An Evil Image In My Book Of Recollection
What We Had You Would Call A Teenage Love Affair
And It All Ended Because Of A Game Of Truth Or Dare
Now I Notice That You Dont Even Care
And The HOE Who I Once Loved Is Now Out Of My Hair
Why Do The Good Get Hurt?
Why Do The Good Die Young?
Simple Phrases That Get Utterred By My Tongue
Its Funny Because I Thought You Were One
People Called Me A Loser Bt I Swore That I Won
All The Good TIme Love Makin Was Fun
Now Im Lookin In The Mirror And Im Feeling Real Dumb
You Were The First One To Make My Legs Shake
And The First One To Let Me Get A Piece Of That "Cake"
Bt U Played Me U Used Me
There Were Times Where U Even Abused Me
Times U Did Wrong Nd Then U Accuse Me
Now Im Mad At The Fact That U Finna Lose Me
I Took It In The Name Of Love
I Even Had Ur Names In My Prayers From The Man Up Above
Bt In Reality I Hate U Bt I Wish U The Best At All Stakes
Solely Because You Were My First Love And My Last HeartBreak

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