Break Up Lets Make Up by KidInc

August 2, 2012
By KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
KidInc3132 SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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Why Cant We Fight For Love Instead Of Love To Fight?

I Cant Handle This No More I Need A Break
This Was The Decision U Decided To Make
And Along With That Decision You Took My Heart
And Here I Was Thinkin Wed Never Be Apart
Bt We Spreaded Like Two Angry Siamese Twins
And I Dnt Like Trey Songz Bt I Believe We Cant Be Friends
Unless We Talk Boyfreind And GirlFriend,
But Thats If You Can Stay Faithful Cuz You Known To Twirl Most Men
And These Men Wish Death On Me Like 50
And I Would Take All Nine Bullets Just For U To B With Me
I Mean B Wit Me Like Jay Z,
Jus Becuz U Sportin My Last Name Does Not Mean U Can Play Me
Bt I Guess Sports Was Never Ur Thing
7th Months We Was Lebron With The Cavs Sorry To Say U Got No Ring
You Must Been On That Track Stuff,
Cuz You Stay Runnin Thru My Mine And When You Got Tired You Ran To That Other Man For Back Up
Too Bad We Nt From 92 Cuz We Wud Of Been The Best Team
Some Would Even Call Our Team A Dream
I Thought That Was Us Bt I Guess It Aint Always Wat It Seems
Cuz My Dream Turned Into A Nightmare Wen I Heard U Was Tryna Scheme
I Heard Bout All The Stuff Behind The Screens
I Gues That Your And Actor,
Played The Broken Heart Made The Cast
But Now Your Not A Factor, Cuz Im The Director That Yelled Cut,
Bet You Remember Them Long Nights When I Made You Sweat Out That Weave And Lose That Hair Cut
I Was Focused Bout Our Future I Was Wit U No Matter What
Then U Killed Me Wen I Was Standin At Ur Door In The Rain And U Slammed It Shut
The Door Shut On Our Oppurtunity,
Everybody Know Im Sick With The Words But Your Immune To Me
Now Its Well Known Round The Community
That I Have Lost My Soon To Be
Listenin To Big Sean I Understand That Was Jus Ur Past
Now Ima Treat Our Relationship Like Its My Last
Nw Lets GEt Back To This Dream And I Promise To Never Wake Up
I Dont Want To Sound Like Jeremih Bt Yea Its A Break Up Now Lets Make Up

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