the Longing

August 1, 2012
By aWriter_365 BRONZE, Quinter, Kansas
aWriter_365 BRONZE, Quinter, Kansas
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life comes at us from out of the darkness and at times, we can struggle to find the courage to face it.

I cannot find sleep,

it has left me like a theif in the night,

stealing my favorite pair of jimmy choos.

I toss and turn,

and as I lay and think,

an image comes to mind.

its you…

perfection gleams on every inch of you,

the lips, perfectly shaped, a kiss lingering on them,

the eyes, in your eyes lie the tales of a thousand people,

I am simply amazed by you…

I am awakened then, by the morning light.

and it is just another day,

and you are just another dream.

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