Weathering the Weather

August 1, 2012
Whether the weather is cold,
Whether the weather is hot,
We’ll be together
Whatever the weather
Whether we like it or not.

The weather is unpredictable,
Difficult to prepare for alone
So I sure hope
We stay together
Whether they like it or not.

When the weather was cold,
We knitted blankets of warmth.
I was by your side
Every path you walked
Whether I liked it or not.

The air pressure was low
But you made it easy to breathe
I shared things
I hadn’t before
Whether you forced me to or not.

She conjured a ghastly storm
That shut your power down.
You needed light,
So I helped you
Whether you asked me to or not.

Even when she was gone,
The flood continued in your eyes.
I repaired the damage
So you could shine
Whether you felt it or not.

Now the weather is hot,
Puddles have evaporated.
Guess we won’t be together
Whatever the weather,
And I don’t like that a lot.

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