My fantasy vs my reality

August 1, 2012
By shark SILVER, Huber Heights, Ohio
shark SILVER, Huber Heights, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"we are never promised tomorrow"

The waves crash on the shore,
A symphony of music engulfs my ears,
My mind travels to another world,
As the sun sets and night comes,
The colors send me to a dream,
The stars shine in the sky,
Reminding me that I am not alone,
As the moon shines over the ocean,
I think to myself,
This world is a wonderful place,
All of theses things,
They are reminders that life is worth living,
Living for today,
Not tomorrow,
The way the stars shine,
The way the colors reflect on the ocean as the sun sets,
The music is in my soul,
I am at home,
Maybe someday I shall return to reality,
A world dark and secret,
Where your dreams are consumed in the blackest of nights,
Where no one will hear your cries for help,
Till that day I will remain in my fantasy,
For I would rather live in a fantasy then this world I am suppose to call home.

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