Unkniwn Love

August 1, 2012
By , al ain, United Arab Emirates
Her smile is flawless in its appearence
only if i could say it was true
She transforms herself for her lover
who is lying there, unable to move.

As i stand there feeling pity
She jokes how useless he has become
"You will be alright soon,'' says she
" and will carry me in your arms, home".

She wipes away his tears of sorrow
but does'nt lift the smile off her face
Taking his wieght on her weak arms
Consoles him in a thousand ways.

Thier chain of love is invisible to me
that binds these two together
only to tie them in an eternal knot
of love that i wish everyone could see.

What makes two strangers love so deeply?
So purely, that it could only be as true as the light.
I cannot find an answer for it myself,
for, i wait for the light, to show me the heavenly.

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