Your Games

August 4, 2012
Your eyes and seductive smile
Looking at me and telling me you care
When all along i know the truth
I know your game
But somehow you get to me
And through the pain i feel something there again
But letting myself feel for someone who's game I've seen
I'll tell myself i don't care and see how it'll be
But you speak to me with that tone
And the words you say hit true
I cant help but hope it'd be different
But i should know better
I should see through the words and smiles
Because Ive seen your game before
I wont become another piece on your board
Because i can see through your games
No matter how well played
And i can see through the lies
No matter how much i want to believe
So don't drag me into your games
Like everyone else I've seen
Because I'm not everyone else
And your games wont work on me

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