August 4, 2012
By WhenJediAttack SILVER, Belleville, Illinois
WhenJediAttack SILVER, Belleville, Illinois
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"Don't Panic."
Douglas Adams

back porch revelries, dancing
on a screen door
lips rub
like cricket wings
“sing for me, please”
echoing down the driveway
edge lit by
security light
bulbs flicker
flicker flick flick
of the lighter
red dot glowing on the one last smoke, I
didn’t mean nothing at the time
when lungs were pink
fresh chewed
flavoured deep
rich coffee bean
teeth stained with
night air inky black
stars wink like in movies
Monroe Dean maybe even Hepburn
heaven must be a ball
rolling rolling ever slowly
downhill towards me
feet rooted in pavement
ankle deep
water flows through
streets piled high
with boxes full of
tried to move the earth
someplace colder
to soothe our heated
veins underneath skin
that crawls towards something
where the glamour is
mountains made of gold
rivers flowing diamonds
hearts beating stone
take the car
runs like a dream
one that remains
oh well
grab the keys
feed the cat
I’ll be back
in time
for what
can’t tell
depends on the weather
hope it’s nice enough
for a picnic
maybe take the kids
home home home
they’ll moan
in voices sounding
of footsteps
treading lightly on
linoleum floors
quiet quiet
dancing out screen doors
back porch creaks in longing
of times that are
what’s it matter
all life is a stage
happiness an act
all of us given
a role
we couldn’t memorize
the lines for
running on ad lib
until the sidewalk ends
we find ourselves on the edge
resting on blushing knees
staring at an
in-between of
flying high
never did like it
all that air
not even birds travel that far
I need roots to
curl around and hold me in
a loose embrace
like your sweater once did
the one that smells of
red poinsettias so beautiful
festively poisonous
singing carols in tones
lower than the degree
on the thermostat
next to pictures
young smiling families
lies, all lies
of the worst
kindness possible
remind me if we were ever like that
lounging on back porches
hair shimmering moonlight
watching the moon sway behind
leaves that
as I cry for don’t know what
just an ache that
comes and goes
don’t need to see a doctor, darling
let’s just enjoy this evening
before it up and leaves

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