August 3, 2012
By CanaBean PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
CanaBean PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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A man of avid structure,
With a fervent for knowledge,
Yet abject by nature,
Lived alongside the river with his mother,
She longed to abstain his age long question,
An answer of who had been his father,
Enapay, abscond your mind,
They cajoled, as if meetings of clandestine,
In normal gratitude he would capitulate,
On a very broaden assumption he fermented,
Which they would often appreciate,
He met a man by the name of Al,
Sprung by nature, chivalry, and proud,
He soon became his apprentice,
Many days past and soon he thought of him as audacious,
After his mother’s murder,
He was filled with abnegation,
Al gave to him an archaic book,
Which he often thought of it as formative,
He finally found his absolution,
Enapay abscond your mind,
They cajoled, as if meetings of clandestine,
Until an allegory night, thus after his practice,
He came home to discover his mother faintly ill,
With eyes dark as coal and blood on her apron,
Which flourished, much like money being sold,
He wept and sobbed with tears,
Staring into his mothers distant eyes, that were cold and up sear,
He cursed the gods and scolded the man who did this in revenge,
Acting out the heinous act to find a suspect,
None of which he could ravage,
Rummaging through some more he found the book that Al placed upon him,
He opened it consciously and read the dedication for Evangeline,
Beauty often surpasses knowledge,
But when love is put in place,
We often see the picture more clearly,
By A. Scarborough,
A man’s words depicted it,
Aroused at the piece made him wonder of a man,
Being wise and knowledgeable is a greater reward,
Than being brave and vengeful,
He could hear his words,
Enapay abscond your mind,
They cajoled as if meetings of clandestine,
A letter was brought to him in the following days,
As a token of his uncles material ways,
His uncle Vladimir messaged him of his marriage to his younger sister Attala,
Ashamed and confused at his request he felt nauseating at the assumption of incest,
He responded to Attala telling her of his journey,
Alone, and infatuated with his mourning.

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