That Day

You’re one of the strongest people I know,
You never fall apart,
At least not in front of others,
Except that one day,
When you came home from the doctors,
You walked through the door in pain,
We could see your pain,
We looked at each other, and we worried,
Wondering how much pain you had to be in for us to see it,
For the first time in my life I saw you fall apart,
Seeing the tears fall down your face,
Made me fall apart, but not in front of you,
On the chair you sit in tears and pain,
I started to tear up,
But I wasn't going to,
At least not in front of you,
So I did what our family does best,
I held them back,
And waited, until I was somewhere,
Somewhere, where I was alone,
Where nobody could see or hear me fall apart,
I stayed strong in front of you,
So you would know,
That if the weakest could stay strong,
Then God would make everything better,
You’re losing faith because not much is better, yet,
I wish that day never happened,
Then maybe you would still have faith,
I wouldn’t miss you hugs, or regret not giving you enough before,
But we can’t change the past,
That day changed our lives forever.

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