The Shelf

August 1, 2012
What to do with all this loneliness
All these nights wasted in regret
I am just a shell of who I once was
With all these memories to one day forget

Ever since you left me here on my own
This hole in my chest has grown deeper
I'm so lost without you, my home
As the mountain of heartbreak grows steeper

I am nothing without you
All poetry and drunken tears
And every word ringing true
Just waiting til the smoke clears

You were my first everything, my first love
My first glimpse at what it means to be free
My first time to grow up and be tough
But mostly you taught me how to be

You taught me to embrace all that I am
The freckles across my nose, my crazy red hair
To not have every second of every day planned
And that every soloist can be a pair

Lastly, you taught me how to move on
That it's ok to be alone to find myself
To find a new path to travel along
And with time I can put us on the shelf

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